The Hermione Mimblewimble Project

Smart Contracts Powered By Mimblewimble

Currently Live: beta1 mainnet

The Hermione Project was launched on February 2019. It’s very young and experimental!

Currently Live: beta1 mainnet The Hermione Project was launched on February 2019.

What's HERM?

Hermione launches as a Blockchain project that implements smart contracts on the Mimblewimble protocol.

Hermione is a unique opportunity to get better results from using Bitcoin or other altcoins. It also represents a unique opportunity for turning users to equal stakeholders with mining service providers.

The project is designed by a team of innovative and experienced professional developers.

The project!Whitepaper
A Blockchain project

Hermione offers the following unique values to its users:

More Values
Uncensored transactions
Better Privacy
Extremely Scalable Chain
Open source
Ease of Use
Extended Transaction Types

Operational Framework of Hermione Platform

Operational Framework