Operational Framework of
Hermione Platform

The key components of the Hermione operating system include the following:

The Hermione DApp

The Hermione DApp will be accessible via the website and a smartphone application (android/ iOS) that will be a wallet for the [HERM] token, and later the [HERM] coin, and gives access to all the Hermione features listed below.

As the core of the Hermione ecosystem, the UX and UI are infused with rock-solid Blockchain algorithm, Mimblewimble, and other relevant protocols, with a view to delivering seamless integration with different payment gateways and exchanges.


  • P2P payment
  • Merchant point of sale
  • Escrow links
  • In-app Community Group messaging/private message.

Furthermore, a core part of the Hermione Dapp is the integration of debit card functionality through which users will be able to make payments for [HERM] with fiat.

This integration makes it possible for Hermione platform to access direct bank deposit as well as exchange/convert the [HERM] against the USD, the goal being to ensure that everyone, everywhere will be able to get on board Hermione without hassles.

The Hermione Token, [HERM]

The [HERM] is an ERC20 standard crypto asset which is the unit of account or currency for payments on the Hermione Platform, both in the mobile or web experience. It is emitted from every block during the first five years. This token will convert to [HERM] Coin when the Mainnet launches.

Hermione ERC20 Smart Contract

ERC-20 is the universal language that all tokens on the Ethereum network use. It allows one token to be traded with another. Every single financial output within the Hermione ecosystem is distributed to the token holders through an Ethereum ERC20 smart contract.

Hermione Token Details

» Ticker symbol - [HERM]
» Total Supply of [HERM] - 39 Million fixed supply.

NB: The total amount of [HERM] token will be emitted from every block during the first five years.