The Hermione
Mimblewimble Project

Hermione launches as a Blockchain project that implements smart contracts on the Mimblewimble protocol.

Unlike many Blockchain projects that are affected by the above-mentioned challenges in guaranteeing user- privacy and highly scalable chains, Hermione leverages Mimblewimble to offer a better alternative for transactions and crypto mining.

The Hermione platform has its own token, the [HERM], an ERC 20 token that will convert to [HERM] coin when the Mainnet launches. The platform launches with no pre- mine, ICO or special development coins as its operations are funded funding emitted from every block during the first five years.

Designed by a team of innovative and experienced professional developers

Hermione is a unique opportunity to get better results from using Bitcoin or other altcoins. It also represents a unique opportunity for turning users to equal stakeholders with mining service providers.

By signing up to Hermione, users are assured of participating in a project that has the potential for market leadership in the nearest future.

[HERM] Media Kit


The goal of the Hermione project is to improve the Blockchain ecosystem by offering an open source platform that offers better guarantees of user privacy and the highest level of scalability for its everyone interested in crypto business.

Key Elements of the Hermione Value Proposition

KeyElementsoftheHermione Value Proposition

Unique Values

Uncensored transactions

Hermione does more than the basic assurance of decentralized transaction processes offered by the Blockchain – the platform goes the extra mile to ensure that everyone enjoys the full benefits of Blockchain without any form of external control. Hermione is designed to be accessible by all.

Better Privacy

Because Mimblewimble does away with the need for known amounts and no addresses, transactions in Hermione offer the highest level of. Furthermore, users of the platform over how they share their personal information with other parties. User addresses are not stored in the Blockchain - no information whatsoever about either the sender or the receiver of a transaction is stored in the Blockchain.

Extremely Scalable Chain

Because Mimblewimble eliminates the need for most of the past transaction data to be removed through ‘Transaction Cut-Through,’ the Hermione platform runs lighter and faster. Furthermore, this means it can easily adapt to more demands in terms of user activity and frequency.

Open source

As an open source platform, Hermione platform is not controlled
by any company, foundation or individual. Consequently, token distribution within the platform is based on the principles of fairness and equality rather than entitlement.

Ease of Use

With Hermione, there is no trusted setup required to use the platform.

A Wide Range of Transaction Types:

Beyond every payment solutions, the Hermione ecosystem supports many transaction types such as atomic swaps, escrow transactions, time-locked transactions, etc.

Operational Framework of Hermione Platform

Operational Framework